APRIL 2024: Collaboration is Key

dada2 newsletter april

I’ll keep my intro this month short and sweet: Collaboration is Key. Below are a number of updates that illustrate this long known truth that we know changes lives.

In particular, I want to emphasize the incredibly important role that physicians play in collaboration today and especially in the future. It is YOUR interactions with patients that will help fuel the next wave of discovery for DADA2.

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January 2024: Cheers to New Beginnings!

JANUARY Cheers to New Beginnings

Dear DADA2 Community, Welcome to this new year! As I mentioned at the end of last year, 2024 will be momentous. We have so much in the works that we are excited to share in due time. For now, I want to say thank you to every one of you who donated to the DADA2…

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December 2023: Advancing Our Understanding!

DECEMBER 2023 - Advancing Our Understanding

Dear DADA2 Community,

This may well be the most intellectually stimulating, time consuming, and absolutely fascinating newsletter we may ever send – that is, until the physicians and researchers meet again in 2025 for the 5th International Conference on DADA2.

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November 2023: DADA2 Conference Recap

November DADA2 Conference Recap

Dear DADA2 Community,

What happens when you get nearly 100 scientists and clinicians in a room for 36 hours to share their latest findings and questions on DADA2?

Well, you get 30+ talks updating on the science and clinical news. You get 10+ posters that generate hours of discussion among scientists and doctors alike. You get side conversations and pages of notes and agreements to follow up, join efforts, and continue to pursue treatments and a cure.

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