The 4th International Conference on DADA2

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It is our commitment to share as much information as possible with you. You can view every conference video, which includes every talk from each Conference.  To view talks from the 4th International Conference on DADA2, please visit our YouTube page.

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We are grateful to every poster presenter for sharing their additional thoughts and findings on DADA2. You can view them below along with the talk that each speaker gave.

Francesca Schena

A Proteomic Approach to Understanding the Role of NETs in The Pathogenesis of DADA2

Ingrun Alseth & Michele Proietti

New insights on ADA2 and Nucleic Acid Sensing

Ole K Greiner-Tollersrud

ADA2 from mammals are DNA binding lysosomal glycoproteins of macrophages

Silvia Federici

Variable Clinical Phenotypes and Relation of Interferon Signature with Disease Activity in ADA2 Deficiency: An Update

Zhijie Wu

Immune cell interaction in deficiency of adenosine deaminase 2

Sarah Bowers

In vitro analysis of pathogenic L351Q ADA2

Lisa Ehlers

Aberrant N-glycosylation in pathogenic variants of adenosine deaminase 2

Marjon Wouters

DADA2 and the role of the endothelium

Andrew Porter

ADA2 and the Vascular Endothelium

Minsoo Kim

Current pathogenic ADA2 variants, phenotypes, and mechanistic structural insights

Despina Eleftheriou

Preclinical studies of gene therapy in deficiency of adenosine deaminase type 2 (DADA2)

Alessandra Mortellaro

Update on Gene Therapy & GT Research informing the ADA2 Mechanism - San Raffaele Hospital’s Experience

Silvia Federici

Role of Heterozygous Variants in a Family with Deficiency of Adenosine Deaminase 2: Are All Heterozygous Born Equals?

Resources for Clinicians

There are certainly more questions than answers about DADA2.  But we are fortunate to have a research network bringing together more than 30 countries to learn more.  Review the latest research, download materials for your patients, and identify physicians around the globe who are treating DADA2.